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Focus Areas

Medicaid & VA Benefit

Whether it is the need to long-term care Medicaid in a nursing home or the Veterans Improved Pension to provide financial assistance for health care expenses, applying for government assistance can be tedious and tricky. A consultation with one of our attorneys can help you determine your best solution, let Seamon Law Offices help you navigate the process.

Medicaid for Long-Term Care

If you or a loved one has a current or imminent need for care in a nursing home, you need a thorough analysis of your estate to determine what actions should be taken to protect and preserve as many of your assets as possible. The details of each case can vary, and it is important to have your case evaluated as soon as possible. Applying for and understanding Medicaid can be a long and stressful process during an already difficult time in life. We are happy to help design and execute as limited or as comprehensive of a plan as you need to protect your assets.

VA Improved Pension (Aid & Attendance)

At Seamon Law Offices, we are honored to work with veterans and their spouses, widows, and dependents to obtain the Veterans' Improved Pension, also known as the Non-Service Connected Disability Pension, or informally, "Aid & Attendance". Generally, a veteran must have at least 90 days of active duty service with at least one day during a wartime period to qualify for the VA Pension for himself or his family members. In addition to meeting the service requirements, the veteran must be 65 years or older or permanently disabled, receive assistance with activities of daily living, and have unreimbursed medical expenses.

Every consultation is specialized to fit the needs of each client.

For us to best understand your estate planning needs and goals, please fill out our checkup form.

Estate Planning Intake

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