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I don’t have to wonder what to do anymore… I know. Doreen gave me the proper knowledge and tools.

Robin Shipley

portrait of Robin Shipley

Robin and her husband Frank were nearing retirement and were looking forward to enjoying their time together. They had downsized their home and had only one more child to finish putting through college… then the phone call came.

“We received a phone call from someone who has assisted my mother Phyllis with her finances for years and was notified of some very uncharacteristic spending activities that she had made. My mother is a very intelligent and independent woman who had done very well in business and enjoyed traveling. To hear that she was making bad financial decisions was a surprise to us. So, we met with her to try and determine what was going on. Not sure exactly what the issue was, we encouraged her to move to Florida and part with her home in Maryland to save money.”

This was the beginning of a series of events that quickly made it clear something was wrong with Phyllis. After another phone call by a trusted neighbor of hers in Florida, it was clear that she could not be left on her own.

“We brought Mom back to West Virginia, and it was clear that she was in the early stages of Alzheimer's disease and could not live on her own. So, we had her come and live with us. It was not an easy thing convincing her to do this because of how strong-willed and independent she has been her whole life, but we sold our home and bought a house large enough to accommodate all of us.”

Robin was struggling to come to terms with the reality of her mom’s condition and the challenges associated with caring for her mom and her estate. “I had no idea how to properly care for her estate, or how we would afford her health needs as things worsened. That is when I saw Seamon Law Offices' TV show and thought… that’s it!”

Robin scheduled a free consultation and had many questions that Doreen was able to answer completely. “I was very skeptical at first, but they proved to us that they knew what they were doing. Not just that, but Doreen was very understanding and caring toward us.”

Robin needed a Durable Power of Attorney, and irrevocable and revocable trusts to protect her mother and ensure she would be cared for. “It was like having 200 lbs. taken off my shoulders, and it remains lifted because I know Doreen is in my corner. I feel so empowered to keep on keeping on. I love my mom and can now focus on her needs and not the financial aspects of her care.”

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