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Too soon old… too late smart. I waited too long.

Bob White

portrait of Bob White

Bob and Jo-ann White live in the Clarksburg/Bridgeport area and have been married for more than 55 years. They have two children, Bev and Tracey, who reside in Columbus, Ohio.

Bob first heard of Seamon Law Offices through a newspaper ad offering a free seminar to help inform individuals of the importance of asset protection. He had known for years that he needed to explore options to properly protect his family in the event that he would pass away.

“I had a history of health problems as did my immediate family. I’ve had a heart attack, a stroke, and several other health issues that have progressed over the years. Of course, I had basic things like a will and long-term care policy, but I also knew that was not enough. I wanted to be sure that my wife and kids would be cared for when I’m gone.”

When Bob came to meet with Doreen, he was accompanied by his wife and daughter, Bev.

“I wanted to know what my options were. We had many questions and concerns, but Doreen was very knowledgeable, professional, and patient with us. She made sure that we understood our options and why things needed to be done in a certain way.”

Bob’s estate plan included an irrevocable and revocable trust that would protect his assets, and, more importantly, his family.

“My father dropped over in front of a doctor’s office unexpectedly and died fairly early in life. In some ways, I have been waiting for the next stroke. The truth is, I waited too long to do this. If I could do it over, I would have done this immediately after I retired. I’m in my 80’s now and the saying is true: too soon old… too late smart!”

When asked what he would say to anyone reading his story, Bob commented, “If you’re reading this and feel it is too early for you to plan… you’re already late. Take advantage of the free consultation Doreen offers and you won’t be sorry.”

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